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He/Him and She/Her

An Aspiring Author born and raised in Sacramento, California to a Filipino family, Atish grew up with music, art, and a keen interest in history. He is currently a university student studying for a degree in anthropology, specifically archaeology, and is working on three different fantasy worlds. His main project, Łekash, has been in the works since 2021, and has two main novel projects in the works.Member of the Queer Sacramento Authors Collective.

Writing Projects

Atish's preferred genre for reading and writing is fantasy, though she loves romance webcomics, horror mangas and a host of other genres and mediums.


Semça is the crown prince of the Kila Empire, and Teyl is his bodyguard and childhood friend. When an assassination attempt on the royal family fails horribly, the war it sparks will be the test of their friendship, and possibly lead to something more. Armies will march, the dead will be counted, and secrets that were buried will be uncovered.Genres: High Fantasy, Romance, LGBTQ, Historical


(Set in the same world as Jewel of my Crest but in a different country and much later time period, it is the first book in a four-book series.)The story of three siblings, one history, and an old love torn asunder.Tagra Myhan is training to be a Siorad, the almost-revered warriors trained in the slaying of creatures crafted from decades-old malice. But when an uptick in incidents in the north interferes with his field training, the mistakes of his grandfather, Saint Nojan, resurface.Reama Myhan is investigating the incidents, along with her husband and a younger friend of the family. However, when the only surviving siorad from a particular incident leaves clues of something going awry, the reason why the Central Government commissioned her becomes all the more apparent.Oijen Myhan has been kidnapped, and is being held hostage by the government of a rogue state. The machinations behind the state’s descent into madness and the greater implications for the world present themselves, but really, all he needs is to escape, and preferably to reconcile with his two siblings.Genres: High Fantasy, Gunpowder Fantasy, LGBTQ, Action


(In the same universe as the above stories, but on a different planet)The massive nation of Gokaelia is one of stratification and oppression. At the top are those of the Gokal caste, who are almost completely animal-like but maintain the ability to speak. In the middle are the Halfblessed, who walk upright and are fur-less like humans, but are respected due to their animal-like features. At the bottom caste, there are the Upwalkers, those who possess no animal-like features.One Halfblessed, Detective Linus Pirskon, struggles with his place in society. Should he be complacent where he is as a Deathworker, the lowest class of Halfblessed? When a string of murders he is called to investigate expose the true corruption of his nation and why it's been at war for centuries with the neighboring Suraine made entirely of formerly enslaved Upwalkers and Halfblessed who rose up, he must figure out a way to save his loved ones from the inevitable collapse of Gokaeila.Genres: Urban High Fantasy, Hardboiled, Mystery, Action

Background art by Atish Victor, 2023

Truen Lullabye

Background art by Atish Victor, 2021


Growing up as the child of a choir director and musician, Atish loves both listening to and making music, playing various classical and ethnic instruments including the balalaika, piano, dizi, accordion and much more. She likes to compose themes for her books and even specific characters.Currently, she takes commissions to compose music

Tal's Theme


Though far from professional level, Atish is practicing drawing both to aid in worldbuilding and to work toward the goal of making a webcomic based of his novels.

Background art by Atish Victor, 2022


As a hobby and personal interest, Atish makes clothes and embroidered objects. Projects range from kimonos to handkerchiefs and tunics embroidered in the Slavic tradition.Additionally, Atish experiments with natural dyes such as using elderberries for pink, turmeric for yellow, and acorns for brown.

Background art by Erich Kolbenheyer, 1910

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